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     Doni Setyawan. The role of “Baon” soil for public welfare improvement in Mengger, Karanganyar, Ngawi year 2004-2011. Thesis, Surakarta. Teacher Training and Education Faculty, Sebelas Maret University, December 2011.

        The objective of this research is to know (1) social circumstances in Mengger, (2) “Baon” soil management conducted by the community in Mengger, (3) The effects of “Baon” soil to the community in Mengger.

        The method of this research is qualitative description is a method to observe s current phenomenon by prescuting descriptive data in the form of writeen and spoken one from certain people or a behaviour which can be observed by using a certain procedure. In this research, the writer uses strategy of “terpancang tunggal” , the target to be observed is limited, is determited and is focused on one location which has its own characteristic, that is “Baon” soil in Mengger.

      The data sources used are things , place, events, informants, and documents. The technique of sampling used are purposive sampling and snowball sampling. Purposive sampling is based on the purpose of the research where the researcher chooses informans who know the issue in depth and can be trusted. Snowball sampling is a technique of collecting data resource that the number of the data resource is a few in the beginning but it finally increase. (In the begining) the resource is selected purposively. The object of the research is / must represent the problem being study.

     This research to find the data validation uses two techniques of triangulation, that are data triangulation and method triangulation. The technique of data analysis used is interactive analysis, that is analysis proless which run between three components, that are data reducing, data presentation, and conclusion which occur in cycles.

             Based on the result of the research, it can be concluded that: (1) Mengger is included in the category of forest village. The social condition of Mengger is still categorized into the transition from traditional to modern. The most of population are farmers. The farmers there is included of category of lack-field farmers. The religion followed is Islam. The level of education there is still very low. Most of them just graduated from elementary school, even there are some that cannot study at school at all. (2) The management of “Baon” is done by Perum Perhutani, and Mengger society. The management of “Baon” are preparation of stand plant seed, jati, mahoni, sambi or gambelina, and control the growth of plant. On the other hand, the management of “Baon” done by Mengger society are the opening of land, the management and planting, handling the plant until cropping the havvest that is “palawija”. The system of “Baon” management is tumpang sari. Tumpang sari is under the plant are planted with various of plant which does not interfere the growth of stand plant. (3) the management of “Baon” done by Mengger society affect the increase of prosperity. The result of management of “Baon” can fulfill the necessary of clothing, food, establishment and recreation. It also create new range of work, such as plower, planter, and cropen, carrier the havvest, and from the owner dos.


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